Sports venues such as clubs and stadiums are among those commercial properties that are at an increased risk for fires. This is especially true if the venue incorporates a commercial kitchen which is quite often the case.

In the same way as restaurants and hotels, those sports venues with commercial kitchens need special measures in place to quickly detect and fight a blaze.

Even more so as compared to residential structures, it is critical that a fire is being extinguished while keeping downtime for kitchen operations at a minimum. In addition to that, no toxic or otherwise harmful extinguishing agents can be used.

The Ansul kitchen fire suppression system is a fire suppression system that is proven to work reliably. It can quickly detect and fight a blaze caused by hot kitchen equipment such as grilles or broilers. It is also capable of cooling down cooking equipment to prevent re-flashing.

What makes the Ansul kitchen fire suppression system unique is the fact that its extinguishing agent is self-dissolving. This means that there is no more major cleanup required and downtime due to a blaze will be minimal. The agent used is also non-toxic which makes the system ideal for restaurants, hotels or clubs.

Fire safety for public locations should always be a top priority, this is why I recommend that you look into modern fire detection suppression systems. More information on fire hazard prevention can be found at