michael goveAccording to the U.K.’s Michael Gove, the University Technical Colleges program is a failure.

The former education secretary made the statement after the seventh UTC closed in Oldham were none of the attending students have gotten a grade C or better in their GCSE.

Previously, the UTC had been among Mr Gove’s priority policies. They had been launched seven years ago as part of the free school project in the United Kingdom

UTC had been intended as a way for students to combine academic studies with other classes such as science and engineering. These colleges are sponsored by local employers or universities which makes them free schools in the UK.

Yet, after spending of hundreds of millions of pounds in tax money on these colleges, it seemed that the policy has not worked according to Mr Gove as stated in The Times.

It quickly crystallised that OTC is became a harbour for underperforming students in strong contrast to they are initial purpose.

He was quoted as saying that “there comes a point when the evidence has accumulated and the verdict is clear and even the most optimistic of us has to acknowledge that Godot won’t arrive, the base metal won’t turn into gold and the emperor really is in the altogether.”

Likewise he mentioned what he deems a “lack of academic rigour” in these colleges , one of the reasons for their failure which other schools siphoning off under-performing students to UTCs to improve their own league table results.

The programme had always been criticised for it forcing students to specialise in certain fields to early. Mr Gove said that there is evidence that “the longer students follow a demanding academic curriculum the more highly they perform in every area and the more options they enjoy when it comes to work or study in the future.”

He’s blaming the poor performance of these technical colleges in UK on of middle-class politicians, stating that those “have long regarded technical education as something for other people’s children,” and have, according to him, “avoided researching the efficacy of such an education”.

Since the launch of the UTC project in the United Kingdom back in 2010, more than 40 tech colleges had been established with more than 7000 students. As of today, more than 20% of these schools had been closed again.

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